Uniform & Appearance

We place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of our students. We expect them to be smart, well presented and to wear full school uniform at all times, including their journey to and from school.  Students are also expected to wear their blazers/school jumpers, except for hot days when students may opt to carry these instead. Students must have these items with them each school day regardless of the weather.  

We ask for parents'/carers' support in helping to maintain the highest of standards.

If you have any queries about uniform, please contact the school before purchasing items to avoid wasting money.  You can order old uniform items on-line from uniform suppliers Hewitts.

Student Appearance

Students are expected to have moderate hairstyles, avoiding extremes such as shaved heads or patterns cut into their hair.
Make up and nail varnish are not to be worn (except for Years 10 and 11 students who may wear discrete make up).

Students may wear a watch (Smart watches are not permitted) and one small stud earring in their ear lobe. Other jewellery is not permitted. Piercings anywhere other than in the earlobe are not permitted. We do not allow false or extended nails and eye lashes and hair extensions need to be of one natural colour. Hair bands, clips or decorative hair accessories must be black.

Trainers, backless, open-toed or high heeled shoes are not permitted; neither are leather look trainers, converse style shoes or trainer soled footwear. 

Future Uniform Arrangements: 

As a new school, Oaks Park High School will have its own uniform.  Information about the future arrangements can be found here.

Uniform Costs

Parents/carers who are in financial difficulties may write to the Headteacher to see if support can be offered with the purchase of uniform, subject to appropriate documentation. 

If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform for any reason, please write a letter of explanation to the Year Leader. Students not meeting uniform and appearance expectations will be sanctioned.

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name so that if they are found they can be returned to them.