Governor Vacancy

School Governor Opportunity for those in the local community, including parents/carers of children at the school. (NB This is NOT an elected parent governor role.)

Oaks Park High School has been going through a period of considerable change,  leading to major improvements in the education provided for our students. 

As part of this work, we wish to expand the Local Governing Body to widen and supplement the current expertise of its members and draw on strengths in the local community. 

The governor role is a rewarding one that supports the school to continually improve what it does.  At this time, we are also preparing for an Ofsted inspection next year when we will be sharing recent improvements and demonstrating how we are providing well for our students. 

We are, therefore, seeking nominations from individuals living and/or working within the local community to serve a four year term as Governor.   The current governing body, established by the CAN Trust Board, is looking to appoint governors with experience in the areas listed below to strengthen or complement existing skills:

  • educational professional experience (e.g. teaching at secondary, college or university level)
  • safeguarding/medical issues
  • legal or HR experience 

The role is rewarding and interesting in equal measure and need not place major demands on your time. If you are interested in how the school operates and manages the education of its students, becoming a school governor is an excellent way to serve the school and its community, and will give you a good understanding of local education issues.

The time commitment involved will be approximately 6 – 9 hours per term with 1 or 2 meetings each half term.  These are usually held in the early evening.  It is helpful if governors can make the occasional day visit (once COVID allows!), but this is not essential.  Training is provided and would be an expected part of induction into the role. 

It is important to:

  • have a keen interest in the education of young people and to want to support the future success of the school
  • be prepared to volunteer the time commitment required, play an active part in the governing body’s work and work within the governance framework.
  • satisfy the criteria regarding fitness to serve as a governor that apply to both trustees and governors.  These can be found on the Trust website page here:


  • Further information on the work of the governing body can be found on the website here.  


If you are interested in being part of the Local Governing Body and supporting the school to provide high quality education, then please contact the governance team on

A member of the team will then ask you to provide contact details and a short personal statement to support your nomination (between 100 -250 words). your nomination should be sent as soon as possible.  You are able to self-nominate.

The closing date for nominations is 1st March 2021.

After the end of the nomination period, the Local Governing Body will be responsible for appointing the new Governors after confirmation by the Trust.  

We look forward to hearing from you.