Art, Design and Photography

Oaks Park High School’s Visual Arts Department aims to inspire our students to become confident, ambitious, self-motivated independent artists and designers. Our imaginative curriculum and broad spectrum of disciplines including Fine Art, Textiles Design, Photography and 3D Design, will ignite a passion and lifelong love of learning the visual arts.  With a commitment to promoting an ability to organise and present themselves, use of initiative and a strong professional demeanor, our students will be prepared to go on to college and careers within the creative industry. We strive to foster a sense of community among our students, staff and parents.

We offer GCSE Fine Art, Textile Design, Photography and 3D Design at Key Stage 4 following the Pearsons Edexcel specification. Students will learn a range of skills, techniques and processes, which will allow them to develop and create a portfolio of work with themes ranging from Natural and/or Man-made Structures to Food, Glorious Food, Reflections, and Identity.

Post 16 students can choose from A Level courses in Fine Art and/or Photography following the Pearsons Edexcel specification. Students are encouraged to develop their independence, whilst benefiting from a range of organised gallery and museum visits, which help broaden their knowledge and support their individual areas of interest.

The Curriculum Plan can be found by clicking here