Oaks Park High Activity Camp 2021

The We are OAKS Activity Camp took place between the 23rd of August and the 27th of August 2021. The transition team put together a bespoke programme which included both academic and enrichment activities to help the students settle in before they started at Oaks Park High in September. The week long camp was a wonderful opportunity for students to make friends, learn about the school and try a range of different experiences. Centred around our OAKS mantra students were able to have a taste of high school life whilst enjoying our fantastic facilities and meeting key members of staff. As well as trialling school subjects, our new Year 7 students took part in a range of different sports, learnt outdoor survival skills and built water rockets. The highlight of the week was definitely our team building day in which students and teachers competed in teams and took part in funny and entertaining games during the inflatable ‘It’s a Knockout’ Challenge.

We were delighted that 200 students attended and were able to make the most of this opportunity. The behaviour of the students during the week was exemplary and we were very proud of how well our new Year 7 approached every activity with enthusiasm.


Monday – Induction Day

We are OAKS


  • An opportunity for students to spend the day in their tutor group taking part in team building activities, getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the school building.

Tuesday - A Taste of School Subject



  • Students will have an opportunity to try a range of different subjects including English, maths, science and PE. There will be lots of fun activities to take part in including games, sports and experiments.


Wednesday and Thursday

Active and Kind


  • Students will try a range of different sessions over the two days. They will operate on a carousel basis. There will be sports, computer skills, art, music and dance workshops along with camp skills and building water rockets.





  • Students will have an opportunity to take part in the inflatable ‘It’s a Knockout’ Challenge. Students will work in teams to win prizes and will have lots of fun taking part in funny and entertaining games. Please note the Google Form at the bottom of this letter must be completed for participation in this event.
  • The week will end with an assembly where we will celebrate the achievements of our new students.


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