Examination Results

Exam Results 2019/20

Due to the pandemic, AS, A Level and GCSE results were based on centre assessment grades or calculated grades, whichever was higher.

We were extremely pleased with our GCSE results. 

We saw a significant improvement across all subjects with English, Languages, Creative Media, Childcare, Architecture & Engineering and PE doing particularly well. The percentages of students achieving both 4+ and 5+ in English and Maths increased, as did the numbers of students achieving the higher grades of 7-9.

We were delighted with these outcomes which are the result of a three-way partnership between student, staff, and families.

A Level student also achieved an excellent set of results, which were much improved on the previous year with notable increases in Maths, Art, English and PE.

Additionally, there were some outstanding individual successes. Many of our students have secured places at university and on apprenticeships and we are very proud of the hard work, commitment and dedication shown by them all.

We are very proud of our students’ achievements and outcome during such a challenging time. 

Key Stage 4 Headline Figures

Students achieving English and Maths 5+ 32%
Students achieving English and Maths 4+ 67%
Attainment 8 42.5
Students with 5 or more GCSEs including English and Maths (Level 4+) 59%
Students with 5 or more GCSEs including English and Maths (Level 5+) 31%
English Lang 4+ 85%
English Lang 5+ 52%
English Lit 4+ 70%
English Lit 5+ 53%
% English 4+ (Best of Lit and Lang) 83%
% English 5+ (Best of Lit and Lang) 53%
% Maths 4+ 71%
% Maths 5+ 37%


Key Stage 5 Headline Figures

A Level Course

L3VA A-Level 0.29
A*- B (%) 38%
A*- C (%) 72%
A*- E (%) 99%


Vocational Courses

L3VA Applied General 0.03
D* & D (%) 41%
M (%) 45%
P (%) 14%
D*- M (%) 86%


Individual subject results can be found in the document below:

Subject Results (PDF)