Form Tutors

Year 7

Year Group Leader – Mr P Barkley
Year Manager – Ms Z Friend
SLT Link – Miss S Noble

7KA Miss K Alden
7TO Mrs P Townsend
7PR Ms M Parker
7BR Mr A Brown
7GH Mrs J Ghodhbani
7ZI Ms G Zilyte
7RI Mrs H Richardson
7AS Ms C Aloysius
7ML Ms G Melia


Year 8

Year Group Leader – Mr P Barkley
Year Manager – Mr J Frederick and Miss C Small
SLT Link – Mr J Humphries

8SM Mr L Smith
8CK Ms D Chikuni
8RE Mr A Rees
8CA Ms F Carter/Ms S Ahmed
8IO Miss D Iheanetu-Oghuejiofor
8BL Mr O Bell
8DD Ms Jane Dodd
8KI Mrs A Kitchin


Year 9

Year Group Leader – Mrs C Robinson
Year Manager – Mr T Hodgson
SLT Link – Mr J Humphries

9BW Ms Rebecca Bowman
9RU Ms S Rudd
9LY Ms E Lyonga
9SC Ms N Sacoor
9ZH Ms V Zerhauova/Ms K Weston
9MA Mr E Manuwa
9GO Ms S Golledge
9PO Mr R Porter


Year 10

Year Group Leader – Ms C Xavier
Year Manager – Mrs E Thompson
SLT Link – Ms H McAuley

10MO Mrs J Morelli
10AK Mr D Aka
10CG Mr R Collings
10TN Ms L Thornton
10NE Ms C Neckles
10AI Ms A Aitken
10AD Ms S Adamson/Mr R Shaston
10PA Miss V Patey


Year 11

Year Group Leader – Mr D Haines
Year Manager – Mrs S Mills
SLT Link – Ms J Sheehan

11HO Mrs A Horle
11MR Miss J Morgan
11CV Miss D Cove
11MK Ms L Markovic
11TL Ms Ms Tyrell
11AQ Mr H Ashfaq
11OD Mr J O'Donnell
11SO Miss I Soave


Post 16

Co-Heads of Post 16 – Mr A Griffith and Miss D Patel

12MN Mr J McLean
12AW Ms S Agneu-Wilson
12RP Mr R Preston-Broom
12AG Mr R Agyeman
13PS Mr Z Phillips
13PC Ms T Procter


7EF Ms E Finlay
8BS Ms L Benson
9BE Mrs A Bekkay Rowland
10VG Mr G Vigar
11WD Ms I Woodward
Post 16 Mr O Neal