Transition Programme

Summer Term (Year 6)

In order to support you and your child in preparing for the move we have an induction programme of events to help ensure a smooth transition. We have a dedicated transition team and pastoral team whose main priority is student wellbeing, getting to know your child and ensuring that your child settles well into Oaks Park High School. Please find an outline of our planned transition events below, all of which are in place to ensure you and your child have a great start with us. We are hoping that these will take place given the current situation but we will keep you updated if any of them need to be altered, deferred or cancelled. 

Transition Questionnaire

In order to help us learn more about your child and effectively plan for your child’s transition we would be grateful if you were able to complete a transition questionnaire. The link to this Google Form has been sent with your offer letter.  If you have any problems completing this form please email

Assessment Morning

We usually begin our transition process with our Year 6 Assessment Day. This was scheduled to take place on Saturday 13th June but has now been postponed until further notice. We are looking at alternative arrangements and we will update you in due course.

Visits to Primary Schools and Family Interviews

During the summer term, our transition team usually visit our main feeder primary schools to meet the students starting and their primary teachers. During this visit we are on hand to answer any questions the students have and we bring along some Year 7 students who can talk about the process and share their experiences as we think it is important that Year 6 students hear this first hand. 

We hope that there will also be an opportunity for you to attend a family interview in the summer term to enable us to learn more about your child and how they are feeling about the transition to secondary school. This meeting will also provide another opportunity for you and your child to ask any questions you may have. If you are interested in having an appointment, please specify this on the transition questionnaire.  

Induction Day and Parent Information Evening

Our Induction Day is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 1st July. This is an exciting day as it is when Year 6 students will experience their first day at High School. The day will provide your child with an opportunity to experience learning at Oaks Park High School, meet key members of staff and begin to make new friends.  We will update you with regard to if and how this will now run. 

Parents are invited to a meeting on the same with the Headteacher and other key staff to find out more about the transition process.  Again, we will keep you updated as to how this will run. 

Summer School

Our popular Year 6 Summer School will take place from Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th August.  Summer School offers a fun, engaging programme of activities, designed to help students get to know each other, become familiar with the school environment and develop confidence and essential skills ahead of starting at the school. 

Autumn Term Year 7

Here you will find an insight into what life is like when you first start at Oaks Park High. There are also some very important dates you need to be aware of.

Important Dates

Monday 7th September - First Day of School 

Year 7 students will start school at 8.30am on Monday 7th of September. Other year groups will not be in normal lessons during that day and will only be attending for a short period in the afternoon. This will ensure we give our new Year 7 students an opportunity to settle into the routine of secondary school before the other students return. There will be activities in tutor groups throughout the day in order to build friendships, set expectations and ensure students make a great start.

We will hold a ‘Welcome’ Assembly on the first day and parents/carers will be invited into the Sports Hall to learn more about life at Oaks Park High. 

Year 7 Meet the Tutor Evening/ Parents Information Evening - Date TBC 

This evening will give you the opportunity to meet with your child’s tutor and discuss how your son or daughter is settling in at Oaks Park High School. You will also have an opportunity to listen to your child present first hand their learning so far at Oaks Park High.