Pastoral Structure

The pastoral system and the work of the year team plays an integral part in allowing students to both succeed academically and develop as a whole person during their time at Oaks Park High School. In Year 7 it will be key to ensuring a smooth transition.

Tutor Groups

Each year group is divided into tutor groups and on arrival into Year 7 your child will be placed in one of the tutor groups for Year 7. The form tutor will see members of their tutor group everyday for registration first thing in the morning.  

The tutor’s role is very important as he or she will monitor the progress of each child and will look after his/her general well-being in the school. Students generally stay in the same group throughout their time in the school and wherever possible remain with the same tutor.

If there are any concerns parents/carers are encouraged to speak to their son/daughter’s tutor in the first instance either by appointment, email or by telephone through the school reception on 0208 647 5842. 

Year Group Leader

Form tutors and students are supported by the Year Group Leader who keeps an overview of the progress of the year group and who is also responsible for ensuring students meet the required standards of behaviour, attendance and dress. In addition, a member of the Leadership Team is allocated to take an especial interest in the performance and progress of each year group; they also advise the year team on various matters and support them in their work.

Year Group Manager

Each year group has a Year Group Manager who is responsible for supporting students in a more informal way. If issues arise students may be referred to the Inclusion Assistant who will meet with students and undertake some monitoring to ensure that students cope with life at school and address any barriers to learning.