Student Owned Items

Essential Equipment

Students need to bring essential equipment each school day so that they are ready for their lessons. In Years 7 - 11, these are checked by the tutor. A list of these items is on the school website here.

Mobile and Smart phones

Students are NOT allowed to use mobile phones, smart phones or media devices once they are on the school site. 

OPH Mobile Phone Ladder

Lost property

Please ensure all items are labelled, particularly uniform. Parents/carers would be surprised at the amount of lost property that gathers each year and which we are unable to return. Unnamed lost property is stored in the site office for one month.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they keep their property safe; the school does not accept responsibility for any items lost by a student.

Inappropriate or banned items

Students need to ensure that they do not bring in any inappropriate or banned items. A current list is here.  

Please note that any expensive items or any items which could endanger the health and safety of others should not be brought to school under any circumstances. There are certain items which, if brought into school, may lead to an immediate exclusion; others will lead to confiscation or destruction of the item.