Post 16


At the end of Key Stage 4, some Horizon students will move to college provision, apprenticeships or specialist provision and others will take level 3 courses (ie A levels or equivalent vocational courses) at Oaks Park High School. 


For those students who stay onto the sixth form at Oaks Park, provision necessarily changes and students  will be taught in mainstream classes as part of the sixth form school provision.

Dedicated learning space for post 16 Horizon students:

The school  has an extensive post 16 area with study and social zone.  There is also a dedicated learning space for post 16 students from Horizon in the sixth form area.  This large space is equipped with study facilities and a social area, though students can access the mainstream facilities if they prefer.  The learning space serves as a tutor base and also where student meet with a dedicated learning mentor as a point of support during the day and to help them with study support or other strategies. 

 Support for post 16 Horizon students:

Support for post 16 students will include any ongoing therapy needs where outcomes are not yet met and support for their next transition to college, university, apprenticeship or other chosen option.  There will also be study and organisational support and, for some, additional subject teacher input.  A small number may also have LSA support in class for non-academic reasons for some lessons. 

Students will have regular reviews with their dedicated learning mentor to check and see if adjustments or extra support is needed, and a member of the Horizon leadership team will also oversee their progress.  Learning walks will focus on ensuring that lessons are accessible and that Horizon students feel well-supported.  In addition, there are strategy meetings for post 16 teachers, ensuring they are aware of best practice.  Individual students may also have direct input from their teachers on a 1-1 basis and/or study support sessions with support staff.

In addition to drop ins and student reviews, formal academic data is gathered each term and this informs reports home to parents/carers.  Students are each set academic targets and their progress towards these are used as part of whole school, subject and individual analysis.  This supports review and additional interventions as needed. 

Teachers continue to mark, assess and use the myriad of interactions to judge progress and how lessons need adapting as a natural part of their work.  They will also flag up where there are concerns about student progress.

Preparation for adult life:

This will continue as part of the tutor and post 16 programme.  Students will usually be part of a small tutor group and access the post 16 tutorial programme through this tutor group.  In addition, students will have taught sessions relating to specific topics for the group, or on an individual basis as needed.

The intention is that students leave with level 3 qualifications and are well-prepared for their next transition and for greater independence.