Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why don’t you allow certain hairstyles in school?

We recognise that changing hairstyles are part of modern everyday society.  However, the school is a working environment for a large number of children and young adults who can be at a vulnerable stage of their life.  It is our opinion that extreme styles are not appropriate in such an environment.

  • What will happen if my child does not conform to school expectations regarding hair colour?

Failure to comply with our simple guidelines regarding hair style or colour will result in the loss of social time for the student.  The Year Team will decide what further action is needed if the matter cannot be rectified in the short term.  

Should there be continued failure to meet our expectations, this will be seen as deliberate defiance and treated accordingly.  This may include more serious sanctions including internal or external suspension.

  • There are other students in the school with extreme hairstyles, what is happening to them?

At Oaks Park High School we attempt to be consistent in our approach to all students.   Students not meeting these expectations are thus dealt with in the same way.  We always aim to treat students fairly and consistently. 

  • What do I do if I don’t agree with your policy on hair styles ?

As always, if you feel an approach is unfair or unreasonable, then you can write to the Headteacher and/or Governing Body asking for a review.

  • When will I get my confiscated jewellery back?

The Year Team will keep this for 7 days.

  • Why can’t my child use make-up to express his/her personality and individuality?

School is a formal setting (just like a place of work or business) where students should be treated equally and have equal access to attention and support from staff.   We do not want to encourage an environment where students are competing in terms of their appearance.

  • Why can’t my child have clear/polished nail extensions/ false nails?

Long nail extensions pose a risk when a student is engaged in physical activity or taking part in specific subjects within the curriculum. If one is ripped off or brushes another student, this can result in painful cuts and rips to the skin. 

  • Why can’t my child have false eyelashes?

We encourage students to keep a natural and simple appearance. This encourages students to feel a sense of equality between them and removes the temptation for students to feel like they need to keep up with trends in school.

  • What will happen if my child can’t remove nails/ piercings/ eyelashes etc?

Students will lose their social time and spend this in detention until the issue is resolved. If this is not resolved in a reasonable time frame the sanctions may escalate to suspension from school. It is essential that if these items are worn during a school holiday, they are removed before school begins.