The full policy is available on the school website under Our School/Policies.  We also recommend that this policy is read in conjunction with the Behaviour Policy.

A brief summary is below:

The school believes that all students, whatever their race, culture, gender, faith, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual abilities have the right to:

  • a safe and secure environment at school and on the way to and from school
  • concentrate on their educational progress without fear of others

We promote an environment which teaches students respect for others and where all members of the school are encouraged to contribute to a caring and effective atmosphere.

All students are encouraged to speak to a member of staff if they are being made to feel uncomfortable at school or if they witness this happening to others. Please make sure that you or your child lets us know if there is a problem that is making them unhappy. Bullying cannot be dealt with if the school is unaware of the problem.

Different forms of bullying

The school recognises that bullying can take many different forms, but the three main types are:

Physical:  hitting, kicking, taking belongings

Verbal:  name calling, insulting, offensive language, racist, homophobic or sexual remarks

Psychological:  spreading nasty rumours, inciting others to be cruel or encouraging others to overtly isolate and ignore the individual, sending malicious messages through the use of modern technology

Racial harassment, homophobia or other contraventions of the Equality Act are treated as very serious incidents of bullying.

Dealing with incidents

All reported incidents are treated very seriously and are fully investigated by the Year Team.  Any incident of bullying is placed on file and any action would take one or more of the following forms depending on the severity of the incident:

  • sincere apology
  • detention
  • a warning as to the consequences of a repeated offence
  • parents/carers informed of the behaviour and of the school’s concern
  • interview with the Headteacher
  • exclusion

In addition the victim will be provided with support and reassurance and they are told to inform their Year Team or Tutor immediately should there be any further incidents. It is also usual practice for parents/carers to be informed of the incident.

Follow up of incidents

Both parties will be checked upon regarding the state of the relationship and to reinforce support and reassurance for the victim.