Student Appearance

At Oaks Park, we place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of our students.  We expect them to be smart, well presented and to wear full school uniform at all times, including their journey to and from school.  Students are expected to wear their blazers, except for hot days when students may opt to carry these instead.  Students must have these items with them each school day, regardless of the weather.  Uniform should be worn correctly, with shirts tucked in and ties suitably tied at the correct length, displaying the Oaks Park logo. Students must wear their school lanyards whilst on the school site, except when asked to remove them for PE or other practical lesson activities. 

As a school, we also have a uniform code that applies to dress, jewellery and hair stylings.  This is because we believe that learning how to conform to dress expectations is important in life. We encourage students to dress and present themselves professionally at all times. 

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False Items

Make-Up and Nail Varnish