Teaching and Learning

Quality Teaching and Learning is at the heart of everything we do here at Oaks Park.

We are aware of the importance of ensuring all teaching staff are the best they can be and with new ideas and initiatives are regularly being developed in education, we do everything we can to ensure our teaching staff are aware of how these can be used to best impact in their lessons.

Some of our outstanding practitioners from across the school have joined together to form
the working group 'Learning Without Limits'. LWL

Our key purpose is to share teaching and learning strategies and research; to celebrate the excellent practice that is taking place across the school; to provide helpful reminders of teaching and learning priorities and signpost where additional support is available.

Our Teaching and Learning Bulletins are just one way where we can share good practice as well as keep all staff up to date with the latest research.

Teaching and Learning Bulletin 1 - January 2023

Teaching and Learning Bulletin 2 - February 2023


Meet the Learning Without Limits team and their reasons for joining the group:

Ms J Sheehan (Deputy Head Teacher and Teacher of English) - Teaching and learning is at the heart of why we are in school and is the vehicle to endless possibilities...so it’s important we work together to achieve the highest standard of teaching and learning.

Ms F TeagueI strongly believe in the importance of never standing still as a teacher and that every day we have things we can learn oursleves. I constantly research new ideas and initiatives and thoroughly enjoy working with staff across the school to make teaching and learning as cutting edge as possible.

Mr R Porter (Teacher of History and Second in Department) - I am passionate about sharing ideas and strategies that makes us better practitioners, which help students, become better learners. 

Mr A BrownI am passionate about teaching and believe I can contribute to positive changes in the school.

Mr Z PhillipsBeing a lifelong learner is something I believe in and being part of this group is an exciting way of me to learn from inspirational others as well as impart some of my experiences from 17 years of teaching.

Mrs S Agneau - Wilson (Subject Leader for Hair and Beauty) - I have been teaching for 16 years and continue to want to keep up to date with everything teaching and learning. I have a passion to develop and share quality ideas and to be the best possible teacher I can be in order to support the next generation.

Mrs A Jeanes (Teacher of Science) - I want to motivate and help students to both want to learn and to actually learn. Sharing ideas, resources and inspirations, with like-minded teachers, is massively helping me along this path.

Mr A Knott (Teacher of PE) - More hands make lighter work and two heads are better than one. Hopefully I can share my teaching ideas and also develop my T&L along the way. 

Mrs J Dodd (KS leader PE and Dance) - I am part of LWL because ‘I love to learn’. Being a teacher for nearly 20 years I am still learning from colleagues all around me. I am discovering new strategies to use in my classes and LWL is a fantastic group for this. I am also passionate in sharing my own knowledge and promoting teaching and learning to the highest standard in order to ensure maximum progress for my students. 

Mrs A Horle (Subject Leader of Music and MAT Coordinator) - I always consider myself as an established student, as I truly love learning. As they say: "You learn something new everyday". I believe that to be wise, you must be open to new ideas and compromises to find solutions to the ever-changing world. 

Mrs S Blakeman (Subject lead for Health and Social Care) – I have joined this group as although I have been in education for many years, taking a 4 year break means I want to do all I can to improve my confidence. I aim to be the best educator that I can be and learn from the experiences of others, taking on new knowledge and techniques.

Mr A Campbell (Teacher of Science) - I am part of Learning Without Limits as I want to maximize the impact I have on each student's education and experience at school. 

Mrs H Warren (Teacher of Science) - I am passionate for teaching and the idea of sharing ideas and resources.  Teaching is an ever changing profession where I can share ideas and also develop my own teaching and learning.