Parental Communication

Sen working teacher

There are the following processes to support effective working relationships with parents/carers:


Alongside the formal or structured programme described below, Horizon encourages parents/carers to drop an email to or their tutor about any concerns or worries they have. 

We would ask parents to use email - or leave a message with our admin team by phone - rather than come up unannounced or try to catch staff when they are on gate duty for the following reasons:

  • Staff have other duties in the morning when on gate duty and are there to greet and welcome children and ensure their well-being
  • Staff have scheduled timetables during the day, so we need to arrange times when they are free to talk to you

The base will then reply by email or phone as quickly as possible, given teaching or support duties for the relevant staff.

If there is an emergency, please phone the school and we will respond immediately.


Formal Parents’ meetings:

There are half-termly meetings with Horizon staff.  These will be either:

  • with the tutor or learning mentor, to talk about general progress, any concerns and future short term targets as well as progress in the Communicative and Social curriculum OR
  • with base staff to talk through progress in those subjects taught by base staff (eg English, Science at Key Stage 3). 


For those taught by mainstream teachers, either in small groups or in mainstream classes, then appointments are made as part of the mainstream parents’ evenings arrangements.

Annual Review meetings:

Annual Review meetings are held annually.The key purpose of these is to review progress to date and then use updated information to propose any changes or otherwise confirm provision.Parents/carers will be sent invitations and relevant reports at least two weeks before the meeting.The intention is that there are no surprises, ie that regular reviews and discussions during the year will naturally feed into the Annual Review and any changes.

Coffee Mornings:

These are informal network events that are run each term once Covid allows.  The intention is that this is an informal change to meet base staff but that we will also try to have an information session eg about the work of the base, or the work of therapists etc