Learners Agreement

This is a Learning Agreement between students, parents/carers and staff at Oaks Park High.

Oaks High will provide for students:

  • A broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to meet student needs, ability and interests
  • Provide a positive environment to study with resources to facilitate learning
  • Access to advice and counselling for personal and social development
  • Guidance on careers, higher education and employment
  • Curriculum enrichment opportunities

As a student at Oaks Park High we expect you to:

  • Comply with the highest standards of conduct appropriate to your seniority at school
  • Comply with school procedures and support the school ethos
  • To show respect for your fellow peers and your surroundings
  • Attend school on a full time basis in accordance with the designated times of the school day and be punctual for all lessons, tutor sessions and study periods
  • Maintain at least a 95% attendance rate
  • Explain all unauthorised absences and lateness by letter or telephone call from a parent/carer and in advance for known absence
  • Have a committed approach to your studies and complete all work within deadlines
  • Work to the best of your ability to achieve my target grades
  • Use your non-contact time constructively to help promote the quality of your learning
  • To comply with the Post-16 dress code and wear your ID badge at all times onsite
  • To not undertake part-time work or other commitments in school hours (8.25 – 2:50 or twilight)
  • To take responsibility for the areas used for Post-16 students
  • No mobile phones allowed during lesson times and ensure appropriate use at other times.

As a member of my tutor group I will:

  • Attend all compulsory tutor sessions in the week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays)
  • Be punctual to all tutor sessions and contribute positively
  • Attend all Post 16 assemblies
  • If absent, ensure parent(s)/carer(s) call on the day of absence to authorise

To support my child in Post 16, parents are expected to:

  • Ensure students meet and understand expectations, adhering to all procedures and ethos
  • Ensure their attendance is 95% or above
  • Ensure they attend their tutor sessions, assemblies, timetabled lessons and study periods
  • Contact the Post 16 office of any absence, in advance where possible
  • Ensure the student adheres to the dress code and has their ID card in possession
  • Attend all parent evenings and arranged meetings

This agreement has been implemented to help students achieve their full potential and prepare them for employment and higher education. It is important everyone joining Post-16 is clear of the high standards and expectations we expect from all our students.

Study Support Sanctions

Study support sanctions will be applied for students failing to meet our expectations of punctuality, attendance and work submitted. This will include afterschool sessions where students will be expected to catch up work uncompleted or missed.

Note: In cases of serious breach of agreement, intermediate stages may be passed over

There is a graduated system for dealing with those who do not comply with our standards.

  • Stage 1                        Verbal Warning
  • Stage 2                        Written Warning - Meeting with parent(s)
  • Stage 3                        Final Written Warning – Meeting  with parent(s)
  • Stage 4                        Loss of Post-16 place

Dress Code

Our Post 16 students are leaders in the school community. Their dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the school and the student appearance policy.

The aim of the Post 16 Dress Code is to allow you to be comfortable and to respect your individuality at the same time as remaining aware that the Post 16 is a professional place of work. To find a balance between maintaining your individuality whilst acting as role models to our younger students, we simply encourage you to dress in suitable and acceptable style. Specific clothing items that are unsuitable and too informal are therefore not part of the dress code, examples including; ripped jeans, leggings, short shorts and skirts, vests tops/off the shoulder tops, low cut or crops tops.  Additionally, hats are forbidden within the school building.  

For formal occasions such as Open Evenings/Celebration Evenings, Post 16 pupils are expected to wear plain black trousers or a black skirt that conforms to the policy as set out. A plain white shirt should also be worn with the option of tie if desired.


It is a requirement that every person on site is immediately identifiable as a member of the school. Post 16 students must wear an identity badge at all times. Students who forget to bring their badge to school will be sent home to collect it. Badges and lanyards are supplied free of charge to students but any losses will incur a replacement fee.

 If the dress code has been breached, we will follow the appropriate routes:

  • Tutors are responsible for the monitoring of the dress code so will highlight this to students in the first instance and inform parents if continual
  • Students may be asked to go home and change if no improvement
  • The Co-Heads of Post 16 reserves the right to ask students who persistently do not adhere to the dress code to leave Post 16.