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Resources for Parents and Guardians

Reading for pleasure is one of the most important things your child can do. It
hasbeen proven to drastically improve educational and employment outcomes alongsidehelping young people to build empathy and improve wellbeing. Extensive research byThe Reading Agency revealed that:

  • Reading for pleasure is more important for children's cognitive development thantheir parents' level of education and is a more powerful factor in life achievementthan socio-economic background.
  • 16-year-olds who choose to read books for pleasure outside of school are morelikely to secure managerial or professional jobs in later life.
  • Having books in the home is associated with both reading enjoyment andconfidence. Of children who report having fewer than 10 books in their homes,42% say they do not like reading and only 32% say they are 'very confident'readers. For children who report having over 200 books at home, only 12% say theydo not like reading and 73% consider themselves 'very confident' readers.
  • Children who read books often at age 10 and more than once a week at age 16 gainhigher results in maths, vocabulary and spelling tests at age 16 than those whoread less regularly.

Source: The Reading Agency

We know that supporting your child’s reading is important to you, so for furtherreading on the subject please visit the websites below, and also see our top tips onthe next page.


The National Literacy Trust - Independent charity helping children and adults todevelop their literacy skills


The School Library Association - new book reviews and how to make best use ofyour school library


Dyslexia specialist book seller - helpful blog posts for adults supporting childrenwith dyslexia - ‘every child can be a reader’


UK Literacy Association - supporting literacy teaching


Open University Reading for Pleasure - Effective, research informed strategies tosupport reading for pleasure in children

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