Class Charts (Homework)

We have an online tool called Class Charts for students, teachers and parents. This enables you to:

  • See exactly what homework your child has been set
  • Check the date it was set and when it is due in
  • See a weekly calendar/overview of homework set
  • See which teacher set the homework
  • Access any information, attachments, or detail provided to your child on how to complete the homework task.


How do I access this information?

You can do this two ways:

By using the Class Charts website 

Or by downloading the Class Charts Parent app. This will send you any notifications and you can check on a daily basis what homework has been set for your child.

Please refer to Pages 2 and 3 in the Class Charts Parents User guide below for details of how to access the site/app.

Class Charts Guide for Parents (PDF)


How does my child access the homework information?

Students can access their homework two ways:

  • Downloading the Class Charts Student App or
  • Or accessing the Class Charts website (Students have been issued login details)


How can I support my child with homework?

  • Take the time to familiarise yourself with Class Charts. Allow your child to access and download the Class Charts app (information attached). The phone app is only to be used at home, not on school site.
  • Check daily, weekly, regularly in their planner that they have recorded their homework correctly.
  • Check on your Class Charts app or on the website when homework is due to be handed in.

We are excited about raising the profile of homework at Oaks Park High School through Class Charts. It enables our students to become greater independent learners and equip then with the skills required to embed, retain and apply knowledge at GCSE level and beyond.

We look forward to your support in ensuring that your child fully takes advantage of Class Charts, as well as working alongside side you as parents and carers to ensure that all homework is successfully completed.