Post 16 Dress Code

The Post 16 Dress Code is compulsory for all students attending Oaks Park High Post 16. This has been devised to create an appropriate balance between looking smart in a professional environment while accepting the need for students to express their own individual style.

It is however, essential that Post 16 students are dressed smartly and appropriately for a working day at our school, which will help them prepare for such demands in life outside of school. Our Post 16 students are our role models for younger pupils in the school and should set a clear example for all students.


In the building students should wear:

Lanyards – visible at all times

Shirts/Blouses and Smart Polo shirts

Smart T-shirts (no large or offensive logos)

Smart Jumpers/Sweatshirts

Smart Skirts/Dresses (knee length or longer)

Black Leggings (not sheer)

Smart trousers/Cargo

Tailored shorts

Smart shoes/boots

Canvas shoes (black or white trim)

Oaks Park Sports Kit (worn in its entirety)


On the way to school students may wear coats, jackets or hoodies but they are to be removed in the building, including classrooms.


Key items which are not allowed:

Denim (trousers, skirts, jackets, etc)

Sportswear (of any kind)

Tracksuit trousers

Clothing with offensive images/language

Crop/off the shoulder/bardot tops


Headwear (unless religious)

Excessive piercings

To reward students dressing smartly we will award points all the way through the school year. In order to reinforce the dress code, Post 16 who are not dressed appropriately will be warned, sanctioned or ultimately be sent home to change at the discretion of the Post 16 team.

We fully appreciate that fashion changes and would always advise students to check with the Post 16 team if they are unsure before buying new clothes, to avoid buying an item of clothing which is not permitted.