Post 16 Dress Code


The Post 16 Dress Code is compulsory for all students attending Oaks Park High Post 16. The Dress Code for our students has been devised to create an appropriate balance between professionalism and the need for students to express their own individual style and personality. 

It is essential that Post 16 students are dressed smartly and appropriately for a working day at school, which will help prepare our students for life outside of school. Both the school and governors hold our Post 16 students in high esteem; they are our role models for the younger pupils in the school and therefore should set a clear example for all students. Their contribution to our academic environment is vital and as such, their positive attitude to learning is paramount. 

Although not exhaustive, below outlines the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of the dress code, and what is ‘smart’ and ‘acceptable’. 

Students may wear the following items: 

  • Shirts and smart polo shirts 

  • Smart / casual T-shirts (no offensive or large logos)

  • Smart tops e.g. blouses 

  • Jumpers / sweatshirts 

  • Hoodies (can be worn as a coat but must be removed on entry into school) 

  • Coats and jackets 

  • Skirts and Dresses (must be at least knee length)

  • Black leggings (not sheer) 

  • Cargo/ Smart trousers  e.g. chinos

  • Shoes (smart)

  • Black Canvas shoes (including rim)

  • Lanyard visible at all times 

  • Oaks Park sports kit – worn in its entirety

  • Tailored shorts 


Key items students are not allowed to wear: 

  • Denim (trousers or jackets)

  • Sports wear

  • Tracksuit trousers 

  • Revealing clothing/ tops e.g. shorts or crop tops

  • Sliders 

  • Clothing which carries offensive images or language

  • Trainers  

  • Hats or sunglasses indoors 

  • Headwear (religious acceptable) 

  • Extreme hair colour or hair styles 

  • Excessive piercing  

To reinforce the dress code, Post 16 students who are inappropriately dressed will receive warnings, sanctions or will be sent home to change at our discretion.  This in turn will affect their attendance and learning time.  The final decision will rest with the Co-Heads of Post 16.

We fully appreciate that fashions change and so we would always advise students to check with the Post 16 Team if they are unsure before buying new clothes for school – that way they can avoid buying an item of clothing that is not permitted.