Uniform Guidance

School Blazer

  • The school blazer must be worn at all times during school and to and from school unless the weather is very hot.  Students may not remove their blazer without permission.  Blazers must be kept clean and in good condition with buttons replaced.

School Tie

  • The uniform comprises a skirt uniform and a trouser uniform. An Oaks Park High school tie is a compulsory element of both.  Female students in Years 10 and above who are still wearing the previous uniform do not need to wear a tie. 

  • The school tie is available from the school shop and via the official uniform supplier.  The tie has a year colour stripe denoting the school year, and must be worn correctly, with the logo and stripe showing and with the knot tied near to the collar.  

The current year group colours for 2022/23 are as follows. But please note the tie colour stays with the child as they move up through the school, so it is not necessary to buy a new tie each year.

  • Year 7   - navy/blue

  • Year 8   - navy/silver

  • Year 9  -  navy/green

  • Year 10 - navy/red

  • Year 11 - navy/gold

Please note: the Year 7 tie colour for September 2023 entry will be navy/gold.

School Trousers

  • These should be mid-grey in colour and must be slim or standard in style. Skinny, jean or cargo styles may not be worn.                                   

  • The school skirt is the 'Aspire' and must be knee length and mid-grey.  Please note that the skirt is only available from the official uniform supplier. 

No other school skirt is acceptable in Year 7.  Students in older years may wear their existing skirt but it must be knee length.  Rolled up or skirts shorter than knee length are not acceptable.        

School Bag

  • The school bag must be the Oaks Park High or Stanley Park High backpack - no other bag is acceptable.  As all students have the same bag, we recommend that for easy identification a key ring or other 

School Shoes

  • Shoes must be plain black and leather. Trainers, canvas shoes, heels, pumps, boots and sandals are not allowed..  More information about acceptable school shoes can be found on the previous page in the linked documents.

PE Kit

  • Students must keep their PE kit in one of the Oaks Park bags  (gymsack or sports holdall) or the old Stanley Park PE bag.

  • In cold weather,  students may wear an underlayer underneath their PE top, which must be plain black or navy blue.  Leggings and underlayers must be plain black or blue (a small logo at the top is fine) but students  â€‹MUST wear shorts or skort over the top

  • Outdoor kit includes: 

    • PE polo top (unisex or female fit), 

    • Navy football/rugby socks

    • Training top (quarter or full zip)

    • Shorts or skort

    • Training pants or leggings 

    • Trainers/boots

  • Indoor kit: 

    • PE polo top

    • Plain white socks 

    • Shorts or skort

  • No jewellery is allowed.   Hair must be tied up at all times in PE.


Jewellery and Make Up

Students may have one small, plain stud in each ear lobe. No other piercings are permitted and if seen they will be confiscated. 

A simple watch is allowed, but smart watches are not allowed and will be confiscated.

Fake tan and false eyelashes and nails are not permitted.   Hair colour must be natural only. 

Who needs to wear the new uniform?

All new starters to the school should purchase the new uniform. Those students already part of the school (as of 2021) must wear a minimum of the new blazer from September 2021. Other parts of the old uniform, including ties, bags and sports tops will be accepted as currently.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of our students. We expect them to be smart, well presented and to wear full school uniform at all times, including their journey to and from school. Students are also expected to wear their blazers, except for hot days when students may opt to carry these instead. Students must have these items with them each school day regardless of the weather.  

Items not Permitted 

Students may not wear trainers, sweatshirts or hoodies to school and these items may be confiscated.  All such items will be confiscated. School coats must be removed during lessons. 

We ask for parents'/carers' support in helping to maintain the highest of standards.


Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name so that if lost, they can be easily identified and returned to them.

Uniform Costs

Please note, the school sources its uniform from companies that do not import cheaply produced items from abroad.  In this way, we  ensure that appropriate employment practices apply.    

If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform for any reason, please email the Year Group Leader. Students not meeting uniform and appearance expectations will be sanctioned.