We are celebrating the hard work and achievements of Year 11 students at Oaks Park High School. Having faced significant disruption during the last three years, this year's set of results not only reflect our students' resilience and sheer hard work, but they are also a reflection of how Oaks Park continues to drive up academic standards.  

With over 50% of grades between 9 – 5 (a strong pass) and almost 20% between 9 – 7 (A*/A), we have once again established two new school records.


  • 72% achieved GCSE 4+ in English (standard pass)
  • 55% of students achieved GCSE 5+ in English (strong pass) – this is an increase of 3% from 2019, the last year external exams took place
  • 69% of students achieved GCSE 4+ in Maths (standard pass)
  • 48% of students achieved GCSE 5+ in Maths (strong pass) – an increase of 11% from 2019
  • 63% of students achieved GCSE 4+ in English and Maths
  • 40% of students achieved GCSE 5+ in English and Maths (an increase of 2% from last year and an increase of 8% from 2019, the last year of external exams)

We are extremely pleased to report that the percentage of highest grades has improved by 3% from last year, testament to our students’ hard work and high quality teaching. This is despite the drop of 3% nationally when compared with 2021 results.


We know that good attendance is vitally important in relation to student achievement. For those students in Year 11 who had an attendance percentage of 90%+, their results were as follows:

  • 76% of students achieved GCSE 4+ in English and Maths
  • 55% of students achieved GCSE 5+ in English and Maths
  • 25% of student grades in all subjects were between 9 – 7 (A*/A)



We are also celebrating achievements in a number of subject areas. Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Religious Studies, Geography and History all demonstrated significant progress in this year’s results and English has maintained strong results from previous years.

Mr Amin, Headteacher, said: ‘I am delighted that we continue our upward trajectory in terms of student outcomes. Our Year 11 students have worked incredibly hard to achieve a very positive set of results in a very challenging climate. We are extremely proud of all our students who are well-equipped to move onto the next step of their journey in further education, apprenticeships or employment. Recognition must also be given to all our hard working staff in school who have supported students - academically and pastorally - every step of the way.'