Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online tool which enables teachers to collaborate and communicate with students. Google Classroom serves as a hub for student work and classroom resources and provides benefits such as: 

  • Allows teachers to give immediate feedback to students as they are working.

  • Provides resources to students - such as websites, documents, instructional videos and notes.

  • Helps students see what classroom work they may have missed if absent.

  • Ensures students have the same online resources at their fingertips.

  • Offers Guardian Summaries for parents who would like to receive a summary of assignments/classroom activities. These are issued weekly to parents. 

How does the school use Google Classroom to support learning? 

Teachers are able to access their classes and set work, homework and share resources. There are a number of other “classrooms” which have since been created such as Tutor Groups and the Library at Oaks Park  which was created by the LRC to share information on books and reading resources. There are also revision groups for the upper years which hold important exam resources for revision.

All homework is set on Google Classroom and parents are able to see on a weekly basis what has been set. 

How Does My Child Access? 

Students can access their Google account at home by using a Chromebook, Mac, PC or smartphone. They need to simply go to Google and then click the sign in button in the top right.

 Google 1

Their username is the same as their school email login but with at the end, meaning if their username is smitc001.319 then their Google login will be

Once they are logged in they can access all the Google apps via the “Waffle”. The main apps which the students need to be aware of are Drive and Classroom.

 Google 2

On Google Classroom, they will be presented with a screen which displays all of their classes.

Google 3

They are able to click on any of the classes and have immediate access to any resources teachers have uploaded. 

Students can see straight away if they have work due. Where it says “Due Tomorrow” there will be a piece of work underneath that and if students click on it, they will be taken to that piece of work. 

The image below shows the assignment hand in screen. This is where students can add documents under the Your work box in the top right. Documents can be uploaded from your computer or directly from Google Drive. Once it is ready to be sent to the teacher, click  the “Mark as Done” button.

Google 4

More information can be found on this article.

What should I do if my child cannot access or I have any queries?

If your child has any issues with accessing Classroom or their Google account in general, please contact with the issue and child’s name.