Staffing Information

Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr A Amin
Deputy Headteacher Mrs H MacAulay
Deputy Headteacher Mrs J Sheehan
Assistant Headteacher Mr J Humphreys
Assistant Headteacher Miss S Noble
Assistant Headteacher Mr A Griffith
Extended Leadership Team Mrs M Walker
Extended Leadership Team Miss D Patel
Extended Leadership Team Mrs K Miller

The business interests declared by the Leaderhip Team can be found here. 

Pastoral Structure

Year 7

Year Group Leader Mr P Barkley
Year Group Manager Miss Z Friend


Year 8

Year Group Leader Mrs J Clarke

Year Group Manager Mrs C Sears
Year Group Manager Mrs C Small


Year 9

Year Group Leader Mrs C Robinson
Year Group Manager Mr T Hodgson


Year 10

Year Group Leader Mrs C Xavier

Year Group Manager Mrs E Thompson


Year 11

Year Group Leader Mr D Haines

Year Group Manager Mrs S Mills


Subject Leaders

English Ms Perryman
Maths Mr D O’Brien
Science Mrs S Sylvester

Languages Miss A Aitken 
History Mrs S Golledge

Geography Ms L Markovic

Life/RS Miss E Thornton

PE Miss S Rudd
Curriculum for LIfe Miss K Alden
Music Miss A Horle
Computer Science Mr D Aka
Creative Media Mr R Agyeman

Art/Photography Miss D Cove
Child Care Miss T Proctor
Drama Mrs J Ghodbani

Hairdressing Mrs S Agneau-Wilson
Health and Social Care Mr R Preston-Broom

Food and Design &Technology Mrs H Richardson

Psychology Mr J Mclean

Trade/Vocational Subjects

Mr A Knott