Travelling to School

Getting to Us Safely

We understand that for some students in Year 7 travelling to high school is the first time they have travelled to school independently which is why it is of paramount importance that they are aware of how to stay safe on the way to and from school. Over the summer holidays please take some time to practice the route to Oaks Park High with your son or daughter so they know how to do this safely and in a timely manner. 

Staff are on duty at the start and end of the day to supervise students entering and leaving the school site. 

As we are located on a narrow, residential street we ask that parents refrain from dropping their children off outside of the main entrance before and after school. The road often gets very busy so please help us by not creating a hazard to our students or other pedestrians.

If your child is going to travel to school by bus, please make sure they are using public transport safely and sensibly. During the first week, staff will be on duty at the bus stop on Stanley Park Road to ensure this and give any guidance needed. We will also be delivering assemblies early into the Autumn Term regarding road safety and we would be very grateful if you could reiterate the need to use the pedestrian crossings, not try and cross through traffic or parked cars, and to not use mobile phones when crossing roads. 

Students can choose to cycle to school but they are strongly encouraged to wear a cycle helmet and advised to undertake a cycling proficiency test. Students are able to lock their bicycles in the staff car park during the school day.