Pupil Premium Performance


From 2016, the Government have stated that school Pupil Premium (PP) cohort’s outcomes will be compared to national non-Pupil Premium students with the intent of closing this difference.

The figures below indicate progress against national figures for our Pupil Premium cohort in 2020.

Year 11 Pupil Premium students 2020 (62 students)

Our Year 11 PP was similar in terms of its structural make up to previous year groups.  It was largely White British, (42 students).  The group included 12 students who were judged to have low prior attainment, 30 as Middle prior attainment and 20 had High prior attainment. 

Four Pupil Premium students completed the Ebacc combination of subjects.

No students to our knowledge were NEETS, and many have gone on to do a variety of college courses and apprenticeships. Some have stayed on in our Post 16 centre. Nescot and Carshalton College remain the most popular college destination for students who decide not to remain with us at Post 16. 

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