Reporting an Absence

Please remember that term time covers 40 weeks of the year. Students have 12 weeks of half term and end of term holidays. Absence during term time should only be in the event of illness or injury.

In the event of unplanned absence:

Parents/carers must contact the school to notify us of the reason for their child’s absence by 9am (or as soon as practically possible) on the first day of an unplanned absence either using the MyEd app (download information), emailing the Attendance Team or by calling the Absence Line on 020 8254 7804. Parents/carers should advise when their child is expected to return.

  • Parents/carers should send their child to school unless they really are too unwell to attend.  Most students are still able to come in and access learning effectively with a cough, cold or other mild symptoms.
  • Where no reason for absence is given after 5 days, then the absence will be unauthorised
  • Planned absence:
  • Parents/carers should ensure that, where possible, non-urgent appointments for their child are made outside of the school day.

  • If such an appointment is necessary, parents/carers should arrange that their child leaves school at a lesson changeover time to ensure minimal disruption. Minor medical appointments do not warrant a full day of absence and attendance is expected before and/or after the appointment. Parents/carers should provide dental or medical appointment letters when possible.
  • Term-time leave of absence for a student will not be authorised apart from in exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers should note that holidays taken in term time will not authorised and fixed penalty notices will be issued.
  • Parents/carers should make a request for any term-time leave of absence as soon as it is anticipated and, where possible, at least 6 weeks before the absence by putting their request and reasons in writing and sending it to The Headteacher may require evidence to support any request for leave of absence.