The School Uniform

School Uniform Arrangements

The new Oaks Park High School uniform is now available. A complete list of items which make up our uniform is detailed below. Please note those items which can only be purchased from our official supplier and the generic items which can be purchased from any retail outlet, as long as they conform to the uniform requirements. 

How to order 

The uniform is available from SWi online When you first access the site, you will need to register your details, and after that you will need to simply log in.  At the end of this page you will also find a buyers' guide and price list, along with a visual guide to the uniform. 

The school holds a set of uniform for sizing, plus other items. However, at the time of writing, the school is closed due to the on-going Covid-19 situation, therefore we cannot currently offer this service.    Please note that the only official retailer of the uniform is SWi and the uniform is not available at any high street shop. 

Who needs to wear the new uniform?

All new starters to the school should purchase the new uniform. Those students already part of the school (in January 2020) must wear a minimum of the new blazer from September 2021. Other parts of the old uniform, including ties, bags and sports tops will be accepted as currently.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of our students. We expect them to be smart, well presented and to wear full school uniform at all times, including their journey to and from school. Students are also expected to wear their blazers, except for hot days when students may opt to carry these instead. Students must have these items with them each school day regardless of the weather.  

Items not Permitted 

Students may not wear trainers, sweatshirts or hoodies to school and these items may be confiscated.  All such items will be confiscated. School coats must be removed during lessons. 

We ask for parents'/carers' support in helping to maintain the highest of standards.


Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name so that if lost, they can be easily identified and returned to them.

Uniform Costs

Please note, the school sources its uniform from companies that do not import cheaply produced items from abroad.  In this way, we  ensure that appropriate employment practices apply.    

If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform for any reason, please email the Year Group Leader. Students not meeting uniform and appearance expectations will be sanctioned.

Uniform List

Uniform Break2



Compulsory items 

Navy blazer with embroidered school badge Navy blazer with embroidered school badge
White shirt* White shirt* 
Aspire mid grey pleated skirt Standard or slimfit  mid grey trousers*
Year colour tie

Year colour tie

School backpack with logo School backpack with logo

PE Kit

PE polo shirt with logo PE polo shirt with logo
PE shorts or 'skort' PE shorts 

Quarter or full zip training top 

Quarter or full zip training top
Gymsack (or sports holdall) Gymsack (or sports holdall) 
White indoor and navy outdoor socks* White and navy socks* 
PE Uniform website


Jumper with emerald trim   
PE 'skort'  
Training leggings (must be worn under shorts or skort  
Training pants  


*These items may be purchased from any supplier as long as they conform to the regulation uniform. 



PE Uniform website 2 Bag Uniform website 2
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