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Reward Celebrations

Posted: 8/06/22

Reward Celebrations

On Friday before half term we celebrated student achievement and attendance for Years 7 to 10 with special events and presentations.

All year groups were involved in a variety of competitions, with students receiving recognition and prizes for their positive achievements.  Individuals were rewarded for their achievement point totals, and also presented with a range of certificates for their learning behaviour in their subjects. Students who excelled in behaviour, effort and homework in their reports received the prestigious 'Supergold' award. 

We have also celebrated students with very good attendance, presenting gold, silver and bronze certificates. Other prizes have included the much valued 'Queue passes' for winners in each year group.

All tutor groups are involved in attendance and achievement competitions, with the top group from each year winning the opportunity to visit Thorpe park. 

Year 7 and 8

Achievement points are awarded to all students for demonstrating the qualities of the school mantra: Organised, Active, Kind and Supportive. Every week we have 'Freddo Friday' during tutor time for those students with outstanding attendance or achievement points. We also have a team of the week where 5 students from each year group can win a treat and time to play board games during lunch break.

In our special award assembly, the top 15 students in each year group were given certificates and had a free hot chocolate from the canteen. Their points will count towards their overall tutor group total, the winners of which will go to Thorpe Park in the Summer term.

Year 7 were awarded 55,000 achievement points in total with Jessica in 7WI and Ronnie in 7FY nearing 500 points each.

Year 8 were awarded 35,000 achievement points in total with George and Sasha in 8BS also near the 500 point total.

We also presented gold, silver and bronze certificates for attendance, 23 students in Year 7 and 14 students in Year 8 won the gold certificate for over 99% attendance.


Year 9 and 10

It has been another really successful half term for Year 9 with plenty of achievements to applaud. The Year 9 inter-tutor competition continues to be a student favourite. We held a mental arithmetic challenge which 9BL won to take home the tutor cup. 

Year 9 have worked extremely hard in and out of the classroom and this has not gone unnoticed. A special congratulations to Hannah in 9SM who is top of the achievement point board with a huge 310 points so far this year. These points will soon be able to be exchanged for some great prizes. 

Well done to the 10 students who have managed to win the gold certificate for 100% attendance this year. A huge achievement and a real display of resilience. 

Finally we would like to congratulate 9KI for topping the tutor achievement point chart and edging ever so close to winning a day to Thorpe Park.

We would like to say well done from the Year 9 team and cannot wait for the rewards to continue next half term. 

Year 10 students were rewarded for the highest number of achievement points, with Mia, Kate, James, Gabriella, Lilly, Misha, Archie, Kha and Neivie in 10WA and Raheem in 10WD gaining recognition. The Year 10 team of the term was selected based on excellent behaviour and effort, well done to Amelia, Poppy, Evie, Malik, Jared, Wiktoria, Reed, Bonnie, Sophia, Hannah and Edward.  Finally we gave recognition to those students who gained the most achievement points for each of the school mantra attributes, well done to Kate M for the most points for being Organised, Nabi B for the most points for being Active, Mbali N for the most points for being Kind and Vinnie T for the most points for being Supportive