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The Oaks Park High AP Store

Posted: 14/06/22

The Oaks Park High AP Store

The Oaks Park High AP store is an exciting new initiative which allows students to use achievement points earned to 'buy' a variety of different items.  These can be purchased online (through ClassCharts) and collected from the shop, or bought directly from the shop (which is open straight after school).

Multiple achievement points can be exchanged for a number of items including:

  • Packets of sweets, lollies and chocolate bars
  • Pens, pencils, rubbers and other stationery items 
  • Early break and lunch queue passes
  • Drinks and snacks 
  • Amazon vouchers
  • Games including Rubiks cube and Uno
  • Earpods 

Students can spend as they receive award points, or they can save for the bigger items such as vouchers, games and even earpods. 

To see your child's achievement points, and the items they can 'purchase', go to the rewards section on ClassCharts.

Achievement points are collected by students in a number of ways across the school day.  Whether it’s in the classroom, extra-curricular clubs or in the school community, students have the opportunity to receive achievement points for their positive behaviour and attitudes. Teachers, tutors, year and senior leaders all reward our students using our online platform that is specifically designed to target key behaviours.  These points accumulate and also go towards individual and tutor group competitions throughout the academic year.