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Year 7 Keep on Reading!

Posted: 7/05/20

Year 7 Keep on Reading!

Students in Year 7 are continuing to access the Accelerated Reader programme at home and we are very pleased to see several students continue to excel in their quiz taking and word count totals. We are rewarding students who are making outstanding effort and achievement in this vital component of their English lessons.

Quizzing times are now extended to 6pm on weekdays. Every AR book they read and take a quiz for counts towards their vital Year 7 reading records. Reading widely, and with that, enhancing their comprehension skills, will stand them in good stead across all their subjects as they progress through school. 

Please keep reading and taking the quizzes - remember to use the Oaks Park High AR website link

The quizzes for each book can also be reached by visiting

If your child then ticks the student option, they can search the books they are reading. 

The search will then produce the quiz number which they can enter to access the relevant quiz.

If your child needs more AR books to read, try for a choice of over 7,000 AR books which you can read then take the quiz for.