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New classrooms, specialist facilities and Post 16 Centre enhance existing facilities at Oaks Park High

Posted: 28/09/20

New classrooms, specialist facilities and Post 16 Centre enhance existing facilities at Oaks Park High

Oaks Park High is one of the most well-equipped schools in the borough, with extensive grounds, contemporary classrooms and outstanding sports facilities.

The school won architecture awards when it was first built and is seen as a trailblazer in secondary school design.  During the school closure period, the school building was even further enhanced.  More work will be completed during the October half-term.

What has changed?

  1. The building is now split into department curriculum areas:

Department teams now work closely together; they can easily see what each other does and share resources and the best ways to teach.  We now have:

  • English together in a suite of 10 rooms on the ground floor, opposite the school library
  • Mathematics with 11 dedicated rooms on the first floor
  • Science all together on the second floor with sufficient storage and prep rooms to support practical work.  We have added 4 new Physics laboratories in the school’s new science corridor. These large, bright rooms feature state-of-the art science equipment to allow high quality practical work and enhance students’ learning experience.  
  • Distinct subject areas for each of:
    • Geography
    • MFL
    • History
    • Business and IT
    • Curriculum for Life and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Careers Education)
  • Provided Art with three large dedicated teaching spaces for Art, Textiles and Photography as well as a post 16 Art area
  • Sited Design Technology together and upgraded the IT facilities
  • Created two large and brand new dedicated food and nutrition rooms.  These are fitted with top of the range equipment - an exceptional environment in which to study food technology, nutrition and catering.
  • Performing Arts (Drama, Music, Dance) continue to have dedicated teaching and practice spaces and our PE spaces continue to be excellent.
  1. We have created a large distinct Post 16 centre

This area, accessible only to post 16 students and staff, features a contemporary common room, large study area fully equipped with IT.The area has its own entrance to give KS5 students independence from the main school and sixth form pastoral staff are on hand to give advice and support.

  1. We have enhanced learning and study support resources:

The LRC continues to offer a wide range of reading and support for literacy.  However, it now has a large IT suite to support homework, project work and other learning activities.  Its work is expanding to include careers and work-related learning.

  1. We have a more secure (COVID and security) reception and meetings rooms. 

We now have better COVID and access arrangements.  We also have been able to improve the medical and student reception access.  Finally, we have provided dedicated meetings rooms for parents/carers to meet with staff, and for meetings with external services. 

What next?

During October half-term we are planning to add:

  • additional toilet facilities for use at breaks and lunchtimes
  • improved access from ground floor to first floor through additional stairways, meaning safer and less crowded travel
  • a large canopied area at the back of the school to allow all students to access fresh air, whatever the weather, and to provide further seating for lunch and break times.

Since becoming part of the Cheam Academies Trust, Oaks Park High has made significant changes to its curriculum offer and pastoral structure and these new spaces and enhancements to the school have been made to ensure that the building provides the best possible learning environment for our students.