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Stennings gives Baking Masterclass

Posted: 27/06/19

Stennings gives Baking Masterclass

Our Year 9 Food and Nutrition students enjoyed an excellent workshop last week when local baking supremo Dean Stenning visited the school to give a baking master class.

The much loved Stenning’s Bakery – situated in Carshalton Beeches - is in it's 47th year and goes back generations. Dean had a fantastic rapport with students, getting them involved in making loaves, Eccles cakes, and apple turnovers. He also brought in short crust pastry, doughnuts and puff pastry to show students how to craft dough, as well as a sharing range of cakes and treats to try.

We were very lucky to have him spare his time, resources and skills to come in to work with us and would like to say a huge thank you to him.  It was a pleasure to have a parent and business owner from our local community into school. All the students loved it and I hope some of them are inspired to bake more and visit Stenning's bakery!