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Return to School Arrangements from Monday 8th March

Posted: 7/03/21

Return to School Arrangements from Monday 8th March


  • Students will begin to return to school on a staggered basis from Monday 8 March. 
  • They will be given a lateral flow test before returning to the classroom.
  • Parents/carers have been sent an email with a personalised appointment slot for testing and return to school.
  • On their first day back, all students (including those coming in just for testing) should arrive via the Monkey Puzzle Way entrance, in full school uniform, including lanyards and ID cards, and head towards the testing centre in the Sports Hall
  • Students will have a further two tests in school after they return.
  • Following this, students will be provided with home testing kits to carry out tests at home from 22 March 2021 onwards.

Return day/time for first test for each year group. (See email for exact time slot.)


Mon 8th March

Tues9th March

Wed 10th March

Thur 11th March

Post 16





Year 11

X Band P4

Y Band P5




Year 10


X Band P1

Y Band P2



Year 9


X Band P4

Y Band P5



Year 8



X Band P1

Y Band P2


Year 7




X Band P1

Y Band P2


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my child return to school?

Students will start to return to school from Monday 8 March on a staggered basis.  Students must have a negative Covid test before they can return to the classroom.  Please see the table above for each year group. 

Which entrance should my child use?

On their first day, all students should arrive via the Monkey Puzzle Way gates.

How often will my child be tested?

Students will have three tests at school; one before they return to the classroom and two further tests in school after they begin.  All school testing will be completed by Friday 19 March.  We will then provide each student with home testing kits to carry out tests at home from Monday 22 march onwards.  Further details about home testing will be sent nearer the time.  These aren’t compulsory but are strongly encouraged.

My child has tested positive for Covid in the past.  Does my child still need to be tested?

The government guidance has recently changed.  If your child has had a positive Covid test within the past 90 days, we do not advise them to take the lateral flow tests until 90 days has passed.  If they develop further symptoms of Covid 19 in this time, they should take a PCR test.  Please let the school office know immediately the exact date of any positive tests so we have a record and can instruct you further, by emailing

Does my child need to wear a face mask?

In order to ensure that all staff and students are as safe as possible on return, all staff and students will be required to wear a face mask.  These will be compulsory (unless a student is exempt on medical grounds).  Students will be required to wear them at all times whilst inside the building, including whilst in classrooms.  They may be asked to remove them for certain lessons and do not need to wear them whilst eating in the canteen.  Please ensure that you have supplied your child with a face mask to bring to school each day. 

Does my child need to wear their lanyard and ID card?

Lanyards and ID cards are compulsory for students to wear whilst they are on the school premises.  All students were issued with a lanyard and ID card in the Autumn term.  It is vital that students bring these to school on return and wear them at all times.  They must be clearly visible.  Any students arriving without them on the first day will be sent home to collect them.  The ID cards will also be used to identify and register students in our testing centre.  They will be required to show their cards to staff before taking a Covid test on site.  If your child has lost their ID card, please notify the school office.  A £3 fee will be charged for a replacement card to be issued.  Please can parents remind students that ID cards and lanyards are part of the uniform requirements for all students on site and must be worn correctly at all times.