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Covid-19 Student Home Testing

Posted: 18/03/21

As you know, we have been successfully running the mass Covid-19 rapid flow test programmes for all year groups since Monday 8th March. We would like to take this opportunity to praise our students for the maturity and resilience they have shown in testing over the past two weeks.

Most consenting students have now had three onsite tests and we are confident that they will now be able to transition to home testing with self-testing kits. Participation in home testing is voluntary, but strongly encouraged in order to continue to keep our school community safe and reduce potential virus transmission.

Home testing

On Friday19th March, your child will bring home a Covid-19 self-testing kit. This will include 2 boxes with a total of 6 tests, along with a blue booklet entitled ‘Step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing’.

Please read the instruction booklet carefully before your child begins self-testing. Further information including instructions in other languages can be found here: You can also watch this video from the Department of Health and Social Care which demonstrates the testing process step by step.

Your child should test on a twice weekly basis with 3-4 days between tests. We recommend that your child tests on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. This should start from Sunday 21st March so that students have tested in preparation for their return to school on Monday 22nd March.

Please note that this is an asymptomatic testing programme, if your child develops symptoms of Covid-19 at any time, you will need to book at PCR test for your child and your household must isolate.

Reporting the result

Once the test is complete, you need to report the test result to the NHS by visiting (as stated in the instruction booklet). You must also report the result to the school by using

You will receive an email from Test Register asking you to register your child’s latest test result. This only needs to be used from when home testing starts (from 21st March) onwards. You will receive an email asking you to activate your Test Register account later today.

Test results must be reported to the NHS and the Oaks Park High School within two hours of the test being completed.

What to do if your child tests positive

If your child’s rapid flow test is positive, your household will need to isolate and you will need to book a PCR test for your child to confirm their positive result. You must not send your child to school if they receive a positive result on their rapid flow test.

Please keep the school updated of the situation and notify us of the result of your child’s PCR test (

We would like to thank you all in advance for your support of our home testing programme.


Mrs H MacAulay

Deputy Headteacher