Uniform - future arrangements

Oaks Park High School is a new school that will have a new uniform.

All students must move to the new uniform by September 2021.  Oaks Park High School uniform will be available from January 2020 for those that need to replace current uniform items.  

How much of the uniform will be changing?

For those students already part of the school on September 2019:  These students will need to wear the new blazer from September 2021.  Other parts of the old uniform, including ties, bags and sports tops, will be accepted as currently.

For those joining the school in the future: these students will wear the new uniform.  This will retain the blue blazer, but with the new logo.  In addition, there will be an Oaks Park tie showing the logo.  Bags and sports tops would also be reviewed so that the logo is consistent across these areas. The new uniform, once confirmed by governors, will be listed on the website.

Will it be possible to buy sew on or stick-on badges to go over the previous school logo?

We had hoped that this would be possible.  However, the uniform suppliers have explained that the current logo would mean that any attempt to sew over or glue on would have a very poor finish.  We also enquired about re-pocketing.  The suppliers explained that this would be expensive and look poor, due to the need to dismantle the lining and pocket, before hand-stitching the replacement and re-attaching the lining.