Homework at Oaks Park High School

Homework is a valuable element of learning, providing an opportunity to consolidate knowledge and skills developed in lessons and to prepare for future learning. Effective homework provides students with the chance to discover and explore more about their learning and to take ownership of it. It also develops valuable skills such as concentration, independence of thought, time management, research and academic rigour, so that all students leave Oaks Park High ready for further study and employment. 

We believe that Homework:

  • consolidates and extends work covered in class and enables preparation for new learning activities.
  • provides opportunities for independent learning and research not possible within the classroom.
  • enhances study, time management and independent learning skills including personal organisation, the ability to prioritise and self-motivation.
  • develops students’ self-discipline and encourages them to take ownership of their learning.


Staff set homework via Google Classroom, an online system that allows parents/carers and students to see tasks set by different teachers and subjects across the year and access the materials needed to complete them. 

To allow for the different patterns and needs of homework in different subjects we do not have a rigid homework timetable.  Instead we offer general allowances as guidance for each subject in each year group below Post 16. 

These allowances will be regarded as a maximum for the subject in any week. Teachers will take account of a student’s overall load before setting a due date.  There will be occasions when teachers do not feel it appropriate to use their homework and may consolidate individual homeworks to facilitate more sustained in-depth work by students.

Year 7 Homework Allowance

English Maths Science CfL MFL History Geography





x3 per fortnight x1 per week x1 per fortnight
In general a homework will take no more than 30 mins. to complete.


Year 8 Homework Allowance

English Maths Science MFL History Geography Music Dance Drama Art Food DT
x3 per fortnight x1 per week x1 per fortnight
In general a homework will take no more than 30 mins. to complete.


Year 9 -11 Homework Allocations

English Maths Geography and/or History Science Options
x3 per fortnight x1 per week x2-3 per week x1 per week
In general a homework will take 45-60 mins. to complete.

NB In 2019-20 Year 11 students will be set homework (x 1 per week) for RS. Core PE (Years 7 – 11) and CfL (Years 8-10) do not set homework.

Post 16 Homework Allowances

As a guide, Post-16 students should aim to spend an equal amount of time engaged in independent learning as they spend in the classroom. We therefore have a minimum expectation of 5 hours per subject per week.