In KS3 (Year 7), students experience a term of Drama in which they develop creativity, self-confidence and team work. Students also learn how to develop ideas in response to a wide range of stimuli such as music, paintings and poetry, leading to an understanding of essential skills needed to structure their performances.  In Year 8 students have a weekly lesson of drama and build on these skills, exploring mediums, strategies and elements in more depth.

Students develop their knowledge  of theatre making by exploring plays, broadening their appreciation of different styles and genres. Reflecting on their work in groups enables students to learn how to feedback and evaluate constructively, in order to improve their engagement and enjoyment of the subject.​ In Year 9 students have the option to try the half term taster course in the Autumn term which provides them with an outline of the qualification at GCSE level. 

After completing a foundation in the Spring and Summer term of Year 9 in which students develop their knowledge of theatre practitioners and performance skills, at KS4 (Years 10 and 11) they follow the Edexcel Drama course. They complete components in Devising, Performing and Theatre Makers in Practice and are assessed in both theoretical and practical work. They broaden their understanding of the subject and are encouraged to respond to the stimuli at a much deeper level; using their broad knowledge, they gain the confidence to develop and explore their own creative style. We encourage them to take risks and create a range of challenging characters from both classic and modern plays. At the same time, students enhance their ability to evaluate and analyse performance skills – both vocal and physical - and production elements, such as lighting, sound and costume.


Previously  students have taken part in the National Theatre’s Connections Theatre Festival and have been invited to perform at Chichester Festival Theatre and The Albany Theatre in London. 


Students with a passion for Performing Arts have the opportunity to showcase and develop their talent by taking part in whole school productions. Extra Curricular Drama club at KS3 will be in operation in the Summer term.


The Curriculum Plan can be found by clicking here.