The Music Department aims to maximise the opportunities for pupils to develop their talents and excel across the full spectrum of the performing arts. At Oaks Park High, we encourage all students to be involved within Music.

Music is a department that consists of 1 main classroom which includes 25 PC computers which runs Sibelius notational software and also benefits from 5 separate practice rooms of which two are large recital rooms & one that doubles up as a recording studio.

In Year 7, students are given the opportunity to learn a range of musical skills such as singing and keyboard skills through a carousel system between music, dance & drama. Those who show potential are invited to be involved in extra-curricular activities. In Year 8, students continue learning a range of musical topics such as Reggae, Song Writing and Ensemble skills.  Students that choose to continue their music studies in KS4, take the Edexcel GCSE Music specification where students are assessed on Performance, Composition and Listening and Appraising.

The Curriculum Plan can be found by clicking here

Extra-Curricular - activities run on a weekly basis. There are regular concerts in both external venues such as ‘The Good Shepherd Church’ or Carhsalton Beeches High Street or our Spotlight Theatre Hall which are always well attended and display high quality musicianship in a wide range of musical styles.

Extra-Curricular activities include choir, LADz only, Musical Showcase, ukulele, strings, guitar club, Music Theory Support & band skills. Highlights of the year are the ‘Christmas Carol Concert’, ‘Spring Recital’ & Yulefest.

Instrumental lessons—currently we offer singing, guitar, drums, piano, disc jockey (DJ), violin & cello lessons through external peripatetic teachers. Timetables are arranged at the beginning of every term on a rotation basis.  It is expected that once your son/daughter has started instrumental lessons they will support any relevant musical enrichment. This can either be solo or group participation in termly concerts or becoming involved in an extra-curricular club.


Subject aims—Music is a joyful experience. We hope that through our teaching we create a stimulating and creative environment for students and staff alike.


In addition to fulfilling the school aims, Music courses and activities:


Broaden the musical experience of all students.

Reflect student’s interests and aspirations.

Enable students to develop their potential through practical activities such as Listening, Performing and Inventing

Cater for all ability levels. Both current practice and revisions should attempt to fulfil both the school aims and subject aims stated above