On site provision for keyworker and vulnerable groups

What is the provision for the children of keyworkers or those considered vulnerable?

We continue to offer daily provision for these students.

Our provision here is overseen by Assistant Headteacher, Mr Humphreys.  Students follow the online learning model using chromebooks.  They cannot have separate, on-site lessons as their teachers are, of course, busy delivering online live lessons to the rest of the students.  However, wherever staffing permits, we are able to offer PE lessons on certain days.

The staffing to supervise and support children on-site is drawn from both teaching and support staff.  This is because all teachers have responsibilities already with regard to remote learning, tutorial roles and other teacher related duties and so are often not available for additional supervisory roles.  Where teachers have significant spare capacity, then they will form part of the onsite team.  All staff will offer whatever support they can to help your child with their learning but we cannot provide subject specialist support for the reasons outlined above.  Where this is required, your child can contact their teacher directly through our online platforms or you can contact the school via the usual channels.

At least one Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) will be on site at all times, as will the Senior Leadership Team and members of our pastoral teams.

How do I arrange a space in the on-site provision?

If you would like to request a space for your child in the key worker provision and have not already informed us, please visit the following link: https://forms.gle/ytJi6YjH3sVLQrRv9 and complete the form requesting a place. In order to ensure adequate rooming and staffing arrangements, we  must have received your completed form by 3pm on the Thursday of the week before you wish your child to attend

If you believe your child should qualify for on-site provision as a vulnerable student, please contact the relevant Year Leader or Manager to discuss further.

We will then make contact with you as soon as possible

Further details about our remote learning provision can be found by clicking here