Admissions process for children with SEND

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The school runs Open Evenings and provides a wealth of information on its website about the courses and support offered for those considering joining the school.

SEND Support

The school’s admission policy does not differentiate between students with special educational needs and other applicants in terms of offering students a place.  The admission criteria as published are used to determine which children are offered places in the event of oversubscription.  Parents/carers who wish a place at the school for their child should apply through the usual admission processes.

EHC Plans

In the case of applicants with an EHCP, the school liaises with the local authority and responds to a formal consultation. In order to help with this process, Year 5 EHCP students and their parents/carers are invited to attend a meeting with the SENCO in the summer term and visit the school.  Families may also re-visit the school as part of the Year 6 Open Evening processes.

EHCP Consultation process

Students with an EHCP apply to secondary schools via their caseworker and/or their local authority. The school is then contacted by the student’s caseworker and asked to review the student’s EHCP, against the provision the school has on offer. The school will then return the consultation within 15 working days informing the Local Authority whether we are able to meet need. In addition to reviewing the EHCP, the school may take the following steps to ascertain a greater picture of need:

  • Contact the Primary SENCO
  • Contact parents/carers
  • Observe the student in their current setting
  • Meet with the student’s class teacher and LSA
  • Review the student’s literacy and numeracy abilities via the observation or a book look


The outcome of the consultation process will be shared with the student’s parents/carers via the student’s caseworker. A decision regarding placement is then made by the Local Authority.